Messages to melodies is how Shelly’s music is referred to. She is not skilled in songwriting, yet God has taught her to listen for the Holy Spirit to begin to write. This is how each song is birthed. Not with intent to write in any case, but to only yield as she begins to hear Him whisper a song from His endless vault of lyrics and melodies. Each song is recorded and produced keeping in tact the message she heard as it was given knowing the importance of delivering His Word…rather than her own.

Poetic messages and stories seemed to birth during the midst of a difficult season in Shelly’s ministry and life. These writings is what she refers to as the “vineyards in the valley.” Her delight and joy rest much in her communication with the Father, whether she is sharing her heart with Him..or He is sharing His heart with her. Many of her writings are prophetic messages to God’s people. This also birthed in the valley, where He expanded her ability to hear Him and to see what He sees.

Love Letters by Mail are snail mail goodies mailed to your home for your own encouragement, a friend in need, or to an unsuspecting stranger in need of Jesus. Each Love Letter by Mail is themed and includes various encouragement from Shelly through publications, music, and other freshly made treasures. Prepare your heart to to give in advance. Love Letters by mail is usually the gift that keeps on giving. Love Letters have always been a huge part of this ministry and has proven a beautiful way to bless those in need as the Lord brings them to you in various circumstances. Shelly keeps these tools in her car to be ready in season and out of season as the Holy Spirit moves. This program puts “tools for the Kingdom” to work.